22nd February 2018

Irony examples King Lear

dramatic Irony within king lear is present a lot examples:

Burgundy offers to wed Cordelia, but when the terms of no portion of the kingdom arises he abandons his promise because of lack of compensation and power.

Gloucester’s and Tears families both hold irony within them, as they are in some ways parallel as both fathers are “blind to the characters of their children” both of their children are plotting against them in some way or another yet they are truly blind to the fact that they have no compassion for them, they only want the inheritance and power.

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  1. Leilana, I think you’re on the right track here and you’ve got some accurate examples, however, I would like to see you write this in full sentences. Remember, write like you have an audience that you are teaching something to. You will get more out of the task this way, regardless of what privacy setting you publish your work with.

    Make sure you explain, explicitly, how the author ensures that we as the audience have more information than the characters in the play.

    Please ensure that this work on dramatic irony is completed over the next week.


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