17th May 2018

essay writing beginning.

‘It is the way that characters change in a text that makes it worth reading.’

For a piece of writing to be worth reading it must hold a connection to those who choose to read it, that may be anyone from any walk of life. To hold connection is to be relevant and bold in statement and context, pushing boundaries of sanity and the normalised social world that surrounds us, the readers. Character development within a text is a way to connect to it, for if the characters do not learn something, go through change, experience loss or face a challenge there is nowhere for the text to grasp the reader and urge them to go on and discover what could possibly happen next. The change within characters can resonate with the reader, foreshadowing their own lives and struggles, or the change could be forgien, unknown, new to the reader, that is what makes a piece of writing appealing. When a text holds themes that are appealing to it’s target audience, 

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