10th April 2018

Albany’s speech King Lear

Albany’s speech: 

The vile and bad people can only see vile and bad things for they hold value in those bad things, not in goodness and happiness. How could you do this to your elderly and gracious father, preyed on him instead of loved him, like carnivorous cats. You have turned him sour and treated him with unkindness in your heart, for he has the respect of a King that even an angry bear wouldn’t harm. Are you crazy? If heaven and God do not punish you for your crimes then the world will end for justice has not been served. Humans will turn on each other, like carnivorous monsters that destroy one another. 

Tigers: Regan and Goneril have been compared with tigers for their actions against their father, for believes that their extreme ironing of all around them including plotting to kill him, Albany, is punishable by angels being sent upon them. In the great chain of being if one sins against the king or anyone above them in the chain they must be punished, and if angels do not do something then humans must the bring justice to god. Comparing them with tigers I think is comparing them to blood shedding creatures who do not care for respect, only power and survival. 

Albany’s description of Lear shows that he has a great deal of respect for him, insinuating that he is a man of respect and power, all that comes with a King even though Lear has nothing to make him a King anymore. He talks as though lear should still have their respect for being their father not just their King. Albany says “A father, and a gracious aged man” who commands and gets respect even from the aggravated of bears, he speaks of what human could be so corrupt and without desire able, respectable traits of a sociable human, the two sisters are of this essence. 

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  1. Leilana, you have made some fantastic points here and I particularly like your last line about Regan and Goneril being like tigers with their need to not only survive but gain power. Can you go further with this?

    Your next step is to ensure that you reference evidence (quotes) from the text when you are analysing it.


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