Humanity is inhumane. As a race we view ourselves as the rulers of a kingdom that we have created, abiding to the rules we have created, living the way of life we have created. The first world is blind, ignoring and pitying those below them and living a way of life that numbs human emotion, […]

The human reaction to pain in a natural one, we feel a physical reaction to things that we cannot control. Throughout history society has slowly changed from a place where the action of crying was a natural reaction to the things that cause us unhappiness, to a place where any hint of true reaction to […]

     We witness stories of tragedy to feel something challenging, new, or for some, familiar, which we find in Shakespeare’s play of King Lear. The theme of tragedy is intentional and we can see this through many different forms of expression in the play or King Lear, Shakespeare’s portrayal of Lear and the language […]

Act 2, scene 4, 272-277 –  verse, Latinate, he falls out of iambic pentameter in line 5 because he is speaking of his feelings about his daughters. The final line “stain my man’s cheeks” is also not in iambic, he talks about emotions and sadness (crying)  Act 3, scene 4, 103-108 – prose, Germanic, not […]

‘It is the way that characters change in a text that makes it worth reading.’ For a piece of writing to be worth reading it must hold a connection to those who choose to read it, that may be anyone from any walk of life. To hold connection is to be relevant and bold in […]

Albany’s speech:  The vile and bad people can only see vile and bad things for they hold value in those bad things, not in goodness and happiness. How could you do this to your elderly and gracious father, preyed on him instead of loved him, like carnivorous cats. You have turned him sour and treated […]

“I am a man more sinned against than sinning” I do not believe that Lear’s claims to being sinned against are completely valid as he has been betrayed in his eyes by his daughter Cordelia for being truthful. The thing is that he is really being deceived by those he thought were the opposite of […]

Plot summary: Act one begins with Gloucester and Kent, two noble men discussing the fact that Lear will be dividing his country (Britain) between his three daughters, this brings up the topic of Gloucester’s bastard son and how he wishes for Kent to introduce him to the king. We meet King Lear in the throne […]

dramatic Irony within king lear is present a lot examples: Burgundy offers to wed Cordelia, but when the terms of no portion of the kingdom arises he abandons his promise because of lack of compensation and power. Gloucester’s and Tears families both hold irony within them, as they are in some ways parallel as both […]

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